about grapevinejobs
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grapevinejobs is a job site exclusively for jobs in and around entertainment and media.

grapevinejobs was conceived by people who understand what it's like to work - and seek work - in this business. So it’s designed to make your life easier.


grapevinejobs will never list jobs outside our specialist sectors.

grapevinejobs gives you full access to all jobs right away (registration is only required if you want to apply).

grapevinejobs lets you easily eliminate all jobs you're not interested in (e.g., low-paying, or in the wrong sector).

Our job flash service can alert you when a new job is listed which matches your specific requirements.

All grapevinejobs services are free to jobseekers.

grapevinejobs conveniently lists executive-level jobs in a dedicated area.

Where jobs are listed anonymously, you can list companies to which you don't want to apply.

what to expect:

You don’t need to register to look at the job listings on grapevinejobs. However, you will need to sign-up to apply for one. Signing-up is simple and requires only your email address and a password.

You can also join our free job flash service which tells you whenever a suitable job is listed on the site. You can tell us what you're interested in by choosing from a list of sectors, functions and salary ranges. Once you register for job flash, there's no need to keep checking the site, unless you want to change your selections.

Please don't expect to see thousands of jobs on the site. grapevinejobs isn't a monster job site trying to be all things to all people. We are highly specialised and selective about what is listed. (We especially need your understanding in the early days, while we build our client base and our audience.)

Please read our terms and conditions.

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