frequently asked questions

Compared to other jobsites, grapevinejobs doesn’t have many positions listed. Why’s that?

It’s because we’re very selective about what appears on the site. We only accept job listings which have some connection to our specialist sectors of broadcast, film and music. We’d rather have a small number of relevant jobs than masses of irrelevant ones.

I’ve tried to use the job filter and job flash, but my job function isn’t listed. What can I do?

We worked hard to devise a list of functions that’s comprehensive but not ridiculously long. Here are some comments on our logic:

Why does the order of job listings on grapevinejobs constantly change?


I registered for job flash some time ago and haven’t received one. Why?

grapevinejobs only sends a job flash if there’s a job that exactly matches all your criteria for function, sector, location and minimum salary. Otherwise we won’t trouble you. Obviously, the broader your criteria, the more likely it is that a job will be listed. You can amend your criteria by going to the job flash area.

I applied for a job via grapevinejobs. How do I know the employer has received my application? Also

I applied for a job, and I've been invited for interview, but the job is no longer on the site. How can I see the original ad? Also

I applied for a job, but I can't remember which version of my CV/cover letter I sent. Can you help?

You can find a record of all the jobs you've applied for, along with links to the CV and cover letter you sent - plus the actual job listing  (even if the job has since been removed from the site):just click on application history in the main jobseekers menu.

Please note this data is deleted 60 days after the job listing is removed from the site.

I have a question for an employer about a job listed on grapevinejobs - how do I make contact?

Advertisers have an option to provide a telephone number for enquiries when they post a job on the site. If no number is listed, it means they’re not receptive to telephone enquiries. To email an employer, write to us, and we will forward your message.

There’s an interesting job listed, but the employer has withheld the company name. There are certain companies I wouldn’t want my application to go to. What do I do?

When you register with grapevinejobs (which must do if you wish to apply for a job), you’ll have an option to list companies to which your application shouldn’t be sent. If you apply, and the employer is one of those you have listed, we will intervene, and alert you to the fact.

Who owns grapevinejobs?

grapevinejobs is privately owned by its employees, and designed by people who have the benefit of specialist experience in recruiting for the entertainment and media sectors. Their sole objective was to make online recruitment in these sectors smarter and easier.

Why have I not heard about grapevinejobs before?

Probably because we are new in Australia and we don't advertise. grapevinejobs is intended for industry professionals in the entertainment and media sectors and most users hear about it through the 'real' grapevine, which is what we always intended; hence the name.

Why don’t you indicate when jobs were originally listed - or close dates?

We don’t show the original listing date because we don’t want to focus attention on new listings at the expense of other, still open jobs.

However, please note we do take measures to ensure all jobs listed are still open. For instance, all jobs are automatically removed after two weeks, and are re-listed only when the employer has confirmed they are still open. You should assume a job is still available if it appears on grapevinejobs.

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